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What is AI? (Artificial Intelligence)

You must have seen the cartoons made as if they were made by an artist recently. When you do some research, you can see that the term “AI” appears and asks “What is AI?” You can start doing research. If we need to define Artifical Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence technology, which has been developed especially in visual and written terms, we need to go until 2021.

What is AI? And how is it developed? At the beginning of last year, a US-based artificial intelligence company, OpenAIintroduced DALL-E, which performs artificial intelligence definitions with simple definitions. This is the basis of recent popular cartoons. In other words, the answer to the question of what is AI is actually to be able to understand DALL-E. DALL-E is actually a word derived from the combination of Generator artist Salvador Dali with the robot WALL-E from the Pixar movie. In short, he states that art can be made with artificial intelligence.

How does Artifical Intelligence technology work?
AI – What can be done with Artificial Intelligence?

AI Visual Artificial Intelligence Technology

OpenAI company introduced DALL-E 2022, the updated version of DALL-E, in April 2. DALL-E 2 is a more versatile and efficient productive system capable of producing higher resolution images. Compared to DALL-E's 12 billion parameters, DALL-E 2 is working on a model with 3.5 billion parameters and another model with 1.5 billion parameters to increase the resolution of its images. What is AI? In fact, if we say an information network behind which extremely powerful computers work, it is still a correct definition...

AI is not free. So what is AI for price? Can anyone reach? Of course, this service is available to application developers, but it is not free. You can get 50 free uses for a first-time subscription. Every subsequent month, 15 free uses can be provided. For 15 USD, 115 more uses can be purchased. Each free use here represents a new image produced.

Artificial Intelligence Working Logic
The answer to the question of what is AI started to be researched especially after the cartoons.

Artificial Intelligence Painting

The cartoon pictures that have been shared wildly recently are the result of the "inpainting" feature that comes with DALL-E 2. The DALL-E 2 is capable of realistically editing and retouching photos. Users can enter some text for the desired change and select an area on the image they want to edit. The DALL-E is able to generate a variety of options to choose from in 2 seconds. Simply put, “What is AI?” This may be one of the ways the question is answered.

The text and image embeds used by DALL-E 2 come from another network created by OpenAI called CLIP. Artificial intelligence products in this network are completely interconnected in terms of texts and images. To understand how CLIP is used in DALL-E 2, it is necessary to first take a quick look at what CLIP is and how it works. What is AI from a technology perspective on which CLIP is the foundation? That's another point of view.

Artificial Intelligence Text – Text

First of all, data entry is important and artificial intelligence programs can interpret content up to 200 words or more. Artificial intelligence programs create topic sentences using NLP and machine learning algorithms. It analyzes thousands of existing articles on the Internet in seconds, finding the best matching options to build an article on based on what it learns from these sources.

When the process completes the alternate submission, the program checks for plagiarism using anti-plagiarism tools and offers the user the final product to copy and edit. Of course, these scans are not only valid for articles on the internet. The learning part can be from social media videos, YouTube content, Podcasts, audiobooks, hard-to-browse encyclopedic and multilingual resources. A magnificent combination of knowledge is brought to us by the latest artificial intelligence.

What is AI? What does it mean? Who is making AI technology?
Today's AI technology delivers imaginatively good results.

What Does AI Mean?

What does AI mean, what it really means is to understand OpenAI's CLIP network. It consists of the initials of CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training) and is a network model that provides the best writing relationship for a given image. It basically does the opposite of how the DALL-E 2 renders images from text. Instead of having the predictive goal of predicting or classifying an image, CLIP may also have the opposite goal of learning the connection between textual and visual representations of the same object. This strengthened network model is the basis of AI. We call it CLIP.

The Development of Artificial Intelligence in History

When we look at world history, John McCarthy coined the term artificial intelligence for the first time in 1956 to describe research in this field. But artificial intelligence has been around since the late 1950s, when Arthur Samuel developed a program that could learn to play checkers by playing by himself and improving his games each time. Subsequently, in 1966, Marvin Minsky and Seymour's book Perceptrons: An Introduction to Computational Geometry helped define artificial neurons and how they could be connected to form neural networks. 

Many breakthroughs in the 70s, including the development of systems, allowed computers to learn artificial intelligence from experts through interaction with humans. In the '80s, students at the Bundeswehr University of Munich built the first robot cars that could travel at 55 miles per hour on empty streets. In the 90s, machine learning algorithms start winning against humans. Computer program Chinook defeated world champion Tinsley and the 2nd highest scoring player Lafferty to win the US National Checkers Tournament. IBM's Deep Blue chess machine defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov. Today, we are talking about a magnificent technology such as DALL-E 2.

What is AI? We hope we have been of some help to everyone.

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Is AI Artificial Intelligence Paid?

DALL-E 2 pricing is based on resolution. A 1024 x 1024 pixel photo costs 0.02 USD, a 512 x 512 photo costs 0,018 USD, and a 256 x 256 pixel photo costs 0.016 USD.

OpenAI Whose? Who is the owner?

One of the owners of Open AI is a name you wouldn't be surprised to hear. Elon Musk. The other owner is Sam Altman. Among those who supported its establishment are names such as Peter Thiel.

How Artificial Intelligence Develops

artificial intelligence so Artificial Intelligence (AI), constantly improves itself by analyzing texts, sounds and videos on the internet. They constantly refresh their knowledge by being in dialogue with people. In short, it imitates human intelligence. The fact that AI software is constantly improving is exciting, especially as to what predictive ability it can have in the coming years.

AI-Powered Applications Which, What?

Mainly Apple Siri. A successful AI application. Of course, similar ones such as Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant are also good. Amazon Alexa, Elsa Speak, Socratic, Fyle, DataBot, Hound and Youper are also among the AI-powered apps to try.

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