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What Does e-Archive Do?

Accounting and taxation of income are important processes for businesses. For these processes, companies need to document the income they earn in return for the products they sell and the services they provide. Companies do this documentation by issuing invoices. Invoices, which play an important role in documenting the income of businesses, have different types. Methods used for billing e-Archive system is also available. Basically, this system offers convenience such as issuing and storing invoices electronically.

Nowadays, electronic devices are being used quite widely, and electronic systems are being used in many areas. This also applies to invoices, which are an important tool used in reporting revenues of businesses. Electronic archive application is one of the systems used in this field.

Basically, the e-Archive application is a system that makes it possible to issue, store and send invoices electronically, as well as to submit and report them officially in electronic environment. The standards to be complied with regarding this system are determined by the Revenue Administration. The electronic archive system can offer various advantages to the companies benefiting from this system. So, what are the advantages of e-Archive? Let's examine this issue in basic terms.

What does e-archive do?
What does e-archive do?

What are the advantages of using e-Archive?

Today, companies benefit from various advantages offered by the electronic environment in many areas. While companies are reporting their income for the taxation process, they can also benefit from some of the conveniences offered by the electronic environment for issuing invoices. The electronic archive application, which is a system used for the creation of invoices in the electronic environment, can offer many advantages to the users. Some advantages of using electronic archives are:

  • With this system, invoices can be created electronically and transmitted easily.
  • This system, which makes it possible to issue invoices electronically, saves resources as it does not require the use of paper and ink.
  • It prevents the loss of invoices stored electronically.
  • Accounting operations can be done more efficiently with the use of e-Archive.
  • With this application, which is similar to the e-Invoice application, invoices can be issued electronically to individuals and businesses that are not included in the e-Invoice system.
  • Especially for companies that issue invoices to a large number of users, the electronic archive system offers advantages in terms of reducing the operational load.
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