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What is E Invoice Program?

With the transition to the e-invoice system, the processes of issuing and sending invoices for businesses have also become easier. In addition, integrator companies such as Logo Yazilim e Invoice program made the digital invoice processes of businesses more comfortable with its software.

Especially recently, e-Invoice, which has gained more and more widespread use, brings with it a wider digitalization. Now, companies can transact with invoices stored in a completely digital environment and remove physical invoices from their lives. Thanks to the E-Invoice program, all these processes become much more effective; Thanks to the additional features and possibilities offered by these programs, invoicing, storage, querying and calculation processes become easier.

What does the E Invoice program do?

The biggest advantage of the E-Invoice program is the comfort it offers to the user. Although the GİB Portal, which is offered by the government, provides the opportunity to issue invoices and query, businesses may need different solutions from time to time. E-Invoice programs meet these needs by bringing many useful features such as the ability to view invoices in more detail, the possibility of connecting the e-Invoice system to other software, and an advanced user interface.

What is E Invoice Program?
What is E Invoice Program?

What are the advantages of using the E Invoice program?

  • Compliant with IOP standards: The e-Invoice program offered by Logo Yazılım is in compliance with the legislation determined by the GİB. All taxpayers who have the status of Joint Stock, Limited, Real and Private companies can digitize their invoice transactions by using the e Invoice program.
  • Fast processing: Thanks to the E-Invoice program, digital invoice issuing becomes easier than ever before. The e-Invoice, which can be easily created in a few seconds after logging into the system, can also be sent to the recipient over the system.
  • Low cost: Unlike the physical invoice, e-Invoice costs almost nothing. This allows businesses using digital invoices to save money and reduce their expenses.
  • An environmentally friendly solution: Digital invoice also aims to reduce paper usage and waste; Considering the transaction volume of large companies, not using physical invoices provides an undeniable environmental advantage in the long run.
  • Your bills are safe: Thanks to the E-Invoice program, all invoices you issue can be archived digitally. Thus, the possibility of loss or damage to your bills is eliminated.
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