How to Add Weather to the Screen on Android Phone

Add weather to Android screen

Some smartphones with the Android operating system have a very comprehensive weather display on the home screen. On other phones, you need to solve this problem with simple tools that you install separately. If you don’t have a comprehensive weather widget to add to the screen when you check your smartphone, you can use this app to add weather to the screen.

Before getting into the details of installation and usage, it’s worth mentioning the features of this app for Android, which allows you to keep an eye on the weather at all times. The app can be added to the home screen in four different sizes. You can choose between 2 x 1, 4 x 1, 4 x 2 and 5 x 2. Each number here represents the space occupied by an icon. You can use different themes and icon sets for the widget. You can also customize the fonts. Among the advantages are that the clock feature can update itself in line with cellular network or GPS and the world clocks can also be tracked. Of course, we are more interested in the weather for Android.

In the application, which can update the weather automatically or manually on Android phones, you can follow information such as day length, sunrise / sunset times, current / highest / lowest temperatures and four-day weather forecast. You can also see the battery level, memory status and cellular/wireless network status inside the vehicle.


After downloading the weather app for Android from Google Play, a shortcut is assigned to the home screen. But this shortcut allows us to access the details and settings of the app. We will use the information provided by this application by pinning it to our home screen and keep the weather information in front of us at all times. First, we are asked to enter which city we live in. If your GPS or internet connection is on, the app can detect this by itself.


The settings are actually quite comprehensive for a simple weather app for Android. All settings are brought to us in units appropriate to the country we live in. So you don’t need to make any additional changes here. Of course, in special cases you can change the temperature from C to F or use miles instead of kilometers.


As we go down to the bottom of the settings of the weather app for Android, we come to the area where we can select the data that will appear in the vehicle that we will fix on the screen. Here we can select options such as date, AM / PM option, battery level, next alarm, next meeting and system information.


We have logged into the application. We are presented with a lot of data. All weather data is taken from Foreca, which is valid worldwide. It is also easy to get to this screen through the tool you will add to the screen.


For settings we have the chance to use the menu in the upper right corner. Here you can add a newer location and track other cities in the weather app for Android. You can also access settings such as easy access to the map, weather sharing and updates.


You can access a lot of data through the tabs at the bottom of the app. We have already seen the main screen. The second icon in the shape of a clock gives us the hourly weather forecast for the current day. The third icon with graphs shows the temperature for the same day, along with graphs of wind, precipitation rate, length of precipitation, humidity and pressure. So the app is actually a lot more than just a weather forecast for Android. The fourth icon shows the hourly wind forecast for that day and the fifth icon shows the weather forecast by day. The last icon in the shape of a moon shows the lunar information.


To add the weather app for Android to the home screen as a tool, we go to the add tools menu of our phone, press and hold the tool called Transparent weather… and when we see the home screen, we leave it in a suitable place.


But first you need to make sure there is enough space on the home screen. The bigger the widget you use, the more comprehensive you can get weather information for Android.


We place our car on the main screen and everything is done. May the sun be shining 🙂