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Download Instagram Story – 2023 Latest Method

Instagram tricks We continue to keep you informed. Almost all of us now have an Instagram life, and Instagram story download can be considered as a necessary method from time to time to store these contents for 24 hours. As it is known, the Instagram story time has now reached 60 seconds, and this makes it possible for some content to come across even more strikingly. If you also need to download Instagram stories to your mobile phone or computer, be sure to listen to the methods we will talk about.

There is a time limit on how long a story shared on Instagram can be viewed by anyone, and Instagram does not offer an option to save or download stories. For this, some websites or applications that we can call Instagram story recorder are running to help. In this article, we will talk about ways to download Instagram stories.

Instagram Story Download – Download Your Own Story

It is possible to download your own story on Instagram and no additional app is needed. However, this method does not apply to someone else's accounts. You can download your own story on Instagram on both Android and iOS. For this, view the story you shared. Then click “More” to open the menu. You can complete the Instagram story download process in a very short time after pressing the “Save” option. If the shared story is a video, this time Instagram will offer you two options: “Save Video” or “Save Story”.

There are some differences between the two options here. “Save Story” allows all stories currently shared in the account to be downloaded as a video. “Save Video” only saves the shared video with stickers, if any, and these need to be added again for reuse. So visually the details added from Instagram are visible and technically not working. There is no chance of accessing the raw video at this point if you deleted it.

Instagram Story Download
Instagram story download screen

Instagram Old Story Download and Archive

You can download stories you've already shared on Instagram. To do this, first click on your profile picture and open your home screen. Enter the menu in the upper right corner and select “Archive”. In the “Archive” section, you can access the Stories, Posts and Live Broadcasts you have shared before. At this point, it should be noted that archiving can be done for up to 30 days in the Live Broadcasting section. Posts are already on your home screen and what you archive will be in this section. You can see all the old stories in the Story section here. Moreover, from the tabs, you can find the stories according to the calendar or the old stories according to the map locations. Hover over an old story. You can download your story by saying “Save Photo” or “Save Video”. The downloaded story will appear in the gallery of your phone.

Instagram Story Download
Use archive for past time Instagram story download.

Download Instagram Story Shared by Someone Else

Perhaps the simplest way to save someone else's Instagram Story is to take a screenshot; none of them inform the Instagram user. If we are talking about a video, then the screen video capture method can also be used. For example; The Screen Recorder tool that Apple has in iOS is ideal for this job. If you are an Android user for Instagram story download, you can also benefit from a screen video recorder application.

There is also an option to use a third-party website like Toolzu for Instagram story download; This website may allow you to save Instagram story or someone else's story as long as their account is not a private account. It is technically impossible to save the story of private accounts on Instagram. But this can be done by following the account. If you are saving a private account from your personal account, that is, if it accepts you and does not share to a restricted group, you can save the secret Instagram account story in the same way.

Download Instagram Story
Download Toolzu Instagram Story

In a desktop or mobile browser toolzuGo to 's page. Even if the site does not offer a Turkish language option, it offers a very easy and understandable interface. You can perform operations such as downloading an Instagram post, saving an Instagram story, enlarging the profile picture without a subscription.

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Is Instagram Private Account Story Download Possible?

Only approved followers can see the posts of private accounts. If you do not follow, you will never be able to download these shares and you can not perform them through any service.

How Long Is the Instagram Archive Period?

Live Broadcasts archived by Instagram stay for 30 days. You have no chance to recall posts that exceed 30 days from the archive. There is no time limit for Stories and Posts, so you can go up to the day you first opened your account.

Instagram Story Recording Quality

For your own account on Instagram, if you download all the shared stories by saying "Save Story", the resolution of this is 374 x 666 and it is downloaded to the phone as a video. When you say “Save Video”, it records in 720 x 1280 pixel resolution. In other words, if you do not have the main recording in 1080p or 4K resolution, you are likely to experience some quality loss.

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