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iPhone 15 Features

How will the iPhone 15 features be? Nowadays, many people who follow the technology world closely are wondering about this. Every year, when September comes, Apple introduces a new iPhone. Although sometimes months may differ, the period is usually the same. Before Christmas and the end of summer is the best iPhone launch time for Apple. The year passes with gossip and speculation about the next iPhone. Rumors and speculations are emerging about how different this new iPhone is from its predecessors.

In each new promotion, Apple brings very important innovations, but we know that it always puts some current technologies later. What will the iPhone 15 look like? Which charging port will it have? Will Lightning continue to be among the iPhone 15 features? Of course, not every rumor spoken will be completely true, and as time passes, more and more clear information will emerge. However, what we will talk about shortly is not utopian at all and is among the expected ones. Of course, there is a lot of bullshit, but the list of rumors that seem true to us is as follows:

8K Video Support and 4K Cinematic Videos

With the iPhone 14 series, Apple took a serious step in photography and started to offer 48 MP photo support. There are also improvements on the video side, of course, but with an evolving sensor, the expected 8K video support was not included in the Pro models iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. As you know, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can shoot 4 fps videos in 60K resolution. Of course, the new Action Mode feature can never be ignored, but it was not expected on the resolution side.

iPhone 15 features will be able to arouse admiration, especially with 8K support supported on the video side. In addition, the expected 4K support for cinematic mode was not included in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. For this reason, it will not be surprising to see 15K resolution support for cinematic video shooting in the advanced models of the iPhone 4. We cannot say that we expect a very serious change in photo and sensor quality.

Reverse Wireless Charging

While this rumor is not new, it looks like it may eventually become reality. As you know, Apple has not yet been able to offer this feature in the iPhone 14 family. Some to resources Apple plans to add reverse wireless charging to the iPhone 15. Currently, this technology is actually ready for use. This isn't a brand new rumor, and we've heard the same thing before the iPhone 14 launch in 2022. Apple, which still lags behind innovative companies such as Xiaomi in fast charging, does not give enough weight to this issue yet, but this seems to be a must for the iPhone 15.

How will the iPhone 15 features be? Clarified features, technical specifications
It may come as a surprise that there is no charging port among the iPhone 15 features.

Looking at how other smartphones on the market use reverse wireless charging, we can assume that the iPhone can charge devices such as a pair of AirPods or another iPhone. In this regard, Apple is working on the ability to charge phones between each other using the back-to-back method. Thanks to MagSafe, which is among the iPhone 15 features, all accessories attached to the back of the iPhone can be easily charged. Admittedly, this probably won't be fast charging, but it's still a nice feature. With each new generation the wattage can be even greater.

Time to Switch to USB Type-C

Apple doesn't like the idea of ​​using USB Type-C in their iPhones. After switching to USB-C on most of its other devices, the company still (intentionally) uses Lightning for all iPhone models. So we started to think this way because Apple tablets, namely iPads, use USB Type-C. But a surprise awaits Apple next year. Due to new European regulations, Apple will have to give up the lightning port by 2024. In this case, he will not have a choice other than Type-C.

15K video support among iPhone 8 features
8K video and 4K cinematic video should be among the iPhone 15 features.

That said, don't expect Apple to give up without a fight. Of course, Apple has to comply with European regulations, but that doesn't mean it has to use a USB Type-C port. Under the new law, Apple could stop using wired charging on its iPhones and create its first portless smartphone. Therefore, with devices that can be charged with MagSafe Chargers, we can be closer to devices that have higher water resistance and do not have port connection problems. This may be among the most surprising design steps among the iPhone 15 features.

iPhone 15 Wi-Fi 6E Support

iPhone 15 features include Wi-Fi 6E support. Actually, this rumor has been around for a little over two years, but we may see it happen on new devices. Rumors have it that the iPhone 15 will support Wi-Fi 6E, which will be a major upgrade from the Wi-Fi 6 that current iPhone models support.

What is Wi-Fi 6E? We seem to hear you ask? With Wi-Fi 6E, you get more bandwidth and an overall better connection. It is intended to provide a more stable and secure connection with less latency and connection issues. According to rumors, Apple will implement Wi-Fi 6E only in the iPhone Pro series. As it is known, Pro users are always kept separate. In other words, next-generation Wi-Fi will not be among the typical iPhone 15 features.

Dynamic Island Support

By far the biggest new feature of the iPhone 14 series is the new Dynamic Island. While not everyone likes this name, it's sure to be a great feature that some of us can't live without anymore. Of course, the iOS update continues to gain quite a lot of innovations. The only issue with the dynamic island for now is that it's a Pro-exclusive feature. However, this may change with the new iPhone 15. If you have any questions about the dynamic island here You can read about what we shared.

Apple analyst Ross youngAccording to 's statement on Twitter, standard iPhone 15 models will feature Dynamic Island. Unfortunately, not all is good news; Young also said that the base models will not support ProMotion or have a 120 Hz display. We'll have to take one step at a time. There are also expectations for a pill-hole camera design for the front, and it looks like this will not be supported either.

iPhone 15's New Volume and Power Button

It looks like Apple thinks regular buttons are a thing of the past and will switch to solid-state buttons this year. According to the famous Apple analyst and leak expert Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter, Apple will use solid-state buttons for the volume and power buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro models. Base models will continue to have the regular buttons we know today. It would not be possible not to mention this small detail among the iPhone 15 features.

iPhone 15 features
iPhone 15 features can of course be featured in Ultra, such as the new A16 chip and next-gen Wi-Fi.

Solid-state buttons are more like the touch-like buttons we've used on the iPhone 7 in the past, rather than buttons. So when you click one of these buttons, you won't actually be pressing it. Instead, you will only feel a tactile light vibration on your finger to let you know that your input has been recorded. Among the iPhone 15 features, it must be a feature that is not essential and should not be overlooked.

New Model On The Way: iPhone 15 Ultra 

There are many rumors that Apple is working on a new and more powerful iPhone that is said to replace the iPhone Pro Max. The name of this model will be iPhone 15 Ultra. This model, which is expected to be released this year along with other iPhone 15 models, will be produced cautiously in the first place and will not reach everyone quickly. This problem has been experienced in the Pro models of the iPhone 14 more than this year.

As Bloomberg's Mark Gurman points out, this would fit Apple's model of changing the design of the iPhone every two years. If this model continues, it would make more sense for Apple to change the design of the iPhone 2023 and introduce an iPhone Ultra in 15. This will also be a great chance for Apple to differentiate the standard models from the Pro iPhones. Again, the curved edges and the remaining design lines on the iPhone 11s can be continued, but the blunt lines come to Apple's business more in order to fit more hardware.

What are the Shortcomings for iPhone 15 Features?

What's written here is the tip of the iceberg. There are other unmentioned rumors about iPhone 15 specs that might actually be true. In the unlikely event we'd expect to see in-display Touch ID, even if it's reserved for Pro models, but Apple's entire focus is now on Face ID. Keep in mind that Apple tends to be in a rush with new features and changes, so we may not see everything in full this year. Nevertheless, the expected and unseen features of the iPhone 14s will take their place among the iPhone 15 features.

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