Let Your Phone Notify You When Your Battery is Full

Android Alerts You When Your Battery is Full

Some Android phones are now equipped with smart charging features. In such phones, when the battery reaches full charge while the device is charging, the power transferred from the socket to the cable is cut off from reaching the battery. In this way, your device is protected from the side effects such as excessive heat on the battery caused by prolonged charging, while the consumption reflected on your bill is lower than normal. Of course, it is known that this overcharging and the heat that builds up over time reduces the battery life and even its potential capacity over time. Although some precautions have been taken, they are still not enough to fully protect your device from overcharging, and users need to take precautions here themselves.

If you have to leave your device on charge for a long time and your phone is away from your workspace while charging, it is not practical to constantly check the battery. This is where a free Android app called Full Battery & Theft Alarm comes in. When your device is fully charged, this app alerts the user with either sound or vibration, reminding them to take it off the charger. As an additional feature, it also alerts you if someone takes the device off the charger.

Install the app on your Android device by clicking here. It’s free and only works on Android 2.3.3 and above. After installing Full Battery & Theft Alarm, which does a good job despite its very small size, you will be asked for some permissions the first time you run it. By confirming these, you ensure that all functions of the application are functional.

Bataryanız Dolduğunda Android Uyarı Versin

From the app screen, you can clearly see your battery percentage and get brief information about the battery temperature, how much time is left until the charge is full and the overall condition of your battery. The white area at the bottom allows you to use the app’s main features. On the left, you can use the CHARGE ALARM button to select an alarm to sound when the charge reaches 100%, and THEFT ALARM, as mentioned earlier, to alert you when the device is removed from the charger. These alerts can be just a vibration, a classic alarm or just a notification.

Bataryanız Dolduğunda Android Uyarı Versin

More options can be found in the app’s settings screen. If you’re looking for a free Android battery app like Full Battery & Theft Alarm that can be very useful in its place, don’t hesitate to give it a try.