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How to Change Modem Password?

Changing the modem password is one of the most researched topics, especially by users who are concerned about security. First of all, it should be known that modem password changing and Wi-Fi password changing operations are different from each other. If you have temporarily given your wireless network password to someone and your internet is too slow for you than it should be, you can start doing some checks on this issue.

Anyone who knows your Wi-Fi password can easily access all information via the modem admin panel. Especially if you continue to use the default username and password. Although it is certain that it will be different for each brand and model, in this article we will look at how to change the modem password. In particular, we will take a closer look at Türk Telekom modem password change or TP-Link modem password changing, which is generally distributed by operators.

modem password change
How to change modem password?

Learning the Password Before Changing the Modem Password

The passwords of all modems and the IP information needed for access may be different from each other. You can usually access this information through the modem's user manual or box. Of course, this is not the only way to learn modem passwords. You can also find out about this by visiting the manufacturer's website or searching the forums.

If you have never touched your modem's management passwords before, your job is easy. However, if you changed them in time and you don't remember them at all, then unfortunately you have no choice but to reset them, that is, to lose all the settings. In other words, you should follow the way to return to the factory settings, and this is usually achieved with a reset button that can be pressed with the pin on the back of the modem. This way is a solution to the problem of changing your modem password, but you will need to contact the customer service of the company from which you purchased the internet service, since all settings will need to be re-configured.

Modem Reset and Modem Reset Difference

We use the term “reset” most of the time to reset devices, but the situation is a little different with modems and when we say modem reset, we actually use this word group instead of rebooting. In other words, if you have an internet connection problem or your modem is locked, turn it off and wait for 10 seconds and then turn it on again, you will have done a simple reset and your settings will not go. Modem reset is a complete reset, technically a hard reset. The modem is reset again, but this time the information in it is deleted and it returns to the factory defaults. For this, as we said before, you need to press the reset button on the back of your modem for a long time until the lights flash fast.

Modem Password Change and Initial Settings

For the first setting of the modem, you must first connect to the modem. You can connect the modem to your computer with the ethernet cable coming from the box, or you can connect to the modem with standard information over Wi-Fi. This does not mean that you are connected to the internet yet because the settings will be made. The difference between Wi-Fi password and modem password will be better understood at this point. While the Wi-Fi password allows you to connect to the wireless network of the modem, the modem password allows you to make the internal settings of the modem. To access the modem's setting interface, you need to use an IP number, which is usually indicated on the box. It is also possible to set a modem from the phone. If you need to know the IP number of the modem, you can also look at the labels on the bottom of the modem. In the worst case, you can find out the IP address by issuing the following commands from the command line of your computer.

Learning Modem IP Address from Computer

To learn the modem IP address from the computer, go to Start > Search > CMD and type ipconfig on the screen that opens and press Enter. The numbers opposite the Default Gateway are the modem IP number. When you type your modem IP number into your browser and press Enter, the modem control interface user name and password section will appear. Try accessing with standard passwords and if not, follow the reset path.

modem password change
Modem password change IP learning

Finding Modem IP Address on Android Phone

The easiest way to learn modem IP address on Android phones is to use WiFi Analyzer application. Download the app from Google Play and select the AP list from View. When you find and click Connected: [Network Name], you will be given modem IP address information.

Modem IP address learning program

Finding Modem IP Address on iPhone

According to the latest updates, it has been updated to iOS 16.2, but the method of learning the modem IP address on the iPhone has not changed much. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and click the i icon next to the network you are connected to. The numbers expressed as the router are the IP address of your modem. Now we can take a closer look at the settings for the modem.

modem password change
Modem password change iPhone

Is it Possible to Change Modem IP Address?

Modem IP addresses are usually You may find that different numbers are used in some complex networks or users who care about security. Here almost every single modem gives you the chance to set it up. Among the local network setup options, you can move the IP address starting with to a different group and often change the last digits to gain more security. However, after making this change, remember that you can now access your modem with the new IP address, and make a note of this address. The settings part of each modem is different from each other, but if you are a little familiar with it, you can easily overcome it.

TP-Link Modem Password Change

We would not be wrong to say that the most used modem in our country is TP-Link. Of course, this is because it is affordable and durable, so it has found its place in many operator campaigns. Therefore, this article cannot be done without addressing the TP-Link modem password change steps. Let's also mention that you can reach us from the comments section so that we can help you for other brands and models.

  1. Open your internet browser (Google Chrome etc.) and type in the address line.
  2. Type “admin” in the Username and Password fields that appear; don't put quotes and watch out for spaces. If this IP number is not working you can also try:,,,
  3. Find the system tools section. Re-enter your old password and enter your new password twice in the relevant field.
  4. After restarting your modem, verify that the settings are done by logging in with the new user name and password.
modem password change
Modem password change alt tag

Putting a Password on the Modem

We have performed the most important step of setting a password on the modem. Another important step is to set the Wi-Fi password. For this, go to the wireless settings of the modem. Customize many settings such as changing wireless network name, changing band, changing wireless password, and configure all your other devices to connect with your modem again.

Modem password changes are approximately the same for all products, but menus and locations may differ. You can benefit from this guide in all matters such as Kablonet, Satellite, Superbox, Vodafone modem password change.

What Happens After Resetting the Modem?

After resetting the modem, the password is reset. You can access the factory reset password from the bottom of the modem, from its booklet or from the customer service of the relevant company.

Internet Gone After Modem Reset

It is normal for the internet to go out after modem reset. For the necessary settings, you need to call your operator company and get the user name and password information. Customer representatives can even guide you on how to do this.

The Modem Is Not Connecting To The Internet What Can I Do?

If the modem is not connecting to the internet, the only explanation is that there may be an error in your username and password. If you cannot establish an internet connection even though you have made all the settings, you can create a technical service request by calling the customer service representative.

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