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How to Make Parcel Inquiry? – 2023 Newest Method

How to Make Parcel Inquiry? – 2023 The Newest Method is an information that has been frequently researched recently, especially for the need for land status inquiry of many fields or similar properties that have been converted to land status due to urban planning. Especially for the lands where the houses planned for Kanal Istanbul will be built, there have been many news about the zoning recently. media sourceWe see too much. As a matter of fact, many researches such as land status inquiry, zoning status, island parcel inquiry, land registry cadastre parcel inquiry are carried out, and this reveals the needs such as the island parcel inquiry program.

Island parcel inquiry is a system that allows viewing the square meter information, location, size and qualification of the property you own or are interested in, according to the numbers determined by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. These applications, which were previously made by the Land Registry and Cadastre units, have now been made easier with the transfer of e-Government and some similar inquiry systems to the internet. Now, anyone who has a title deed or has deed information can carry out these inquiries.

What is Island Parcel Inquiry?

Parcel inquiry title deed information island map
The title deed information you will need for parcel inquiry is on the deed.

What is island parcel inquiry? It is more correct to start this question with what is an island and what is a parcel. The island, of course, is not the island we know; In the real estate sector, it refers to a whole collection of parcels surrounded by artificial borders. It is a term used in zoning planning. There are many parcels on an island and each parcel may have different construction features depending on your location. Many detached houses, apartment-style buildings are built on certain parcels.

Deed Parcel Inquiry

Deed Parcel inquiry is made with the information on the title deed provided to you by the Republic of Turkey. Here, the following information is included, respectively, and with this information, all details about the properties of the property can be accessed.

Real Estate Information

  • Province
  • Area
  • Neighborhood / Village
  • To give
  • Parcel
  • Face Measurement
  • qualifications

Independent Section

  • qualifications
  • Land Share
  • Project m²
  • Block / Entrance / Floor No
  • Independent Section No.
  • Volume/Page No

Owner Information

  • Name Surname / Father's Name
  • stake

Registration Information

  • Property Type / No
  • Reason for Acquisition
  • Transaction Fee
  • Location information
  • Registration Date / Journal No
  • Suitable for record

The new title deeds announced in 2018 are in this way. Unrefreshed ones contain less information. Both types of title deed are sufficient to make a parcel inquiry.

Land Registry and Cadastre Parcel Inquiry

Parcel inquiry application
Parcel Inquiry Application is published by TKGM (General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre).

The first method you can use for parcel inquiry is the Parcel Inquiry Application, a service provided by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. From here, you can have the chance to examine the locations on the map and even the adjacent parcels by making an inquiry. Inquiries can be made via Administrative, Immovable Number, Analysis, Geographical and Address. As map infrastructure, HGM, Google and Yandex can be preferred.

Parcel inquiry link

Island Parcel Inquiry Program

Android iOS TKGM parcel inquiry
With the Android and iOS supported TKGM application, you can easily perform parcel inquiries from the phone.

One of the preferred methods is to use a mobile phone island parcel inquiry program. For this, you can download the Android and iOS applications made available by TKGM.

TKGM Parcel InquiryAndroidiOS
Dimension16.2 MB12.2 MB
RequirementAndroid 8 and aboveiOS 11.0 and above
LinkAndroid parcel inquiry downloadiOS parcel inquiry download
Island Parcel Inquiry Program

Thanks to the most up-to-date methods included in 2023, custom parcel inquiries can also be made through the e-Government Gateway. When you log in to e-Government, you can see the properties registered in your name here, and examine the services provided by the municipalities to which the properties are affiliated, if any.

Another topic of interest lately GSB WiFi Output We wrote an informative article on the subject. In this article, how to make a Parcel Inquiry? – We have clarified a curious subject such as 2023 The Newest Method. This need is of interest to many field / garden qualified land owners who have recently acquired or will gain the qualification of a zoned land. Of course, it is possible to verify information through these services by acting through the title deed information while researching a place you intend to buy. Thus, you will be able to conduct a comprehensive research about the features of the place you will buy without visiting the government offices.

See you in another article.

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