Uploading Photos from Phone to Computer (Easiest Method)

You have an Android phone and you want to transfer thousands of photos to your computer. Maybe you are going to create a photo album or maybe your phone has run out of internal storage. Don't worry, if you want to edit all the photos and copy them to your computer now, read this article to the end. We explain in a simple way how we can transfer photos from the phone to the computer in the easiest way.

Transferring Photo from Phone to Computer

The fastest and simplest method is to transfer photos to a computer with a wired connection.

  1. First, plug your phone into your computer with a USB cable.
  2. Choose file transfer instead of charging when USB connection appears on your phone.
  3. Then click on My computer and select your Android device from the area where the drives such as C or D are located.
  4. After accessing the folder containing the Internal Shared Storage or the memory card (if you transferred your photos to your phone memory card) DCIM There will be a folder called Click there and you will see your photos there.
  5. You can save all the photos in the folder you want with the copy-paste logic.
  6. You can transfer all your photos to a new folder you created on the desktop by dragging and dropping, which is a second method.

It's that simple!

Transferring Photo from Phone to Computer

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to Phone?

If you want to transfer photos from the computer to the phone, not the phone to the computer, but vice versa, you need to connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable, as we explained above. Create a new folder under the Internal Shared Storage DCIM folder or on the memory card. Transfer all the photos on your computer to this folder with drag and drop or copy-paste. Depending on the speed of your phone, the speed of reading the memory card, the size of the photo mb and the speed of your computer, the duration of the photo transfer process from the computer will vary. Also to see files on iPhone here You can also read the article.

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