Easily Learn Internet WiFi Password

Says I forgot my wifi password and you don't remember the password? Or are you having trouble connecting to the internet because you don't know the WiFi password? If you want to share a wifi password with someone who comes to you as a guest, but you do not remember the process of learning the WiFi password, you are exactly what you are looking for. In this article, we explain step by step the process of learning and finding Wifi password on Windows, macOS, iPhone iOS and Android.

How to Find Saved WiFi Internet Password on Windows?

  1. Open Settings > Network & Internet
  2. Then click Change Adapter Settings. (In Windows 11, click More network adapter options.)
  3. Right-click on the WiFi adapter that appears on your computer.
  4. Select Status > Wireless Properties.
  5. Open the Security tab
  6. Click the Show Characters box to make the WiFi password appear as text.
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Learning Saved WiFi Password from Computer (On Unconnected Network)

  1. You can easily do this from the Windows Command Prompt.
  2. Click Search for Windows in the Start Menu
  3. Type CMD and run Command Prompt
  4. Run the following command to see the saved WiFi networks:

netsh wlan show profiles

  • Select the network from the list and then your network Replace the part that says and type the following command:

netsh wlan show profiles your network key = clear

  • Key content You will see the password in the section marked as, that's how easy it is to learn wifi password from windows computer!
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WiFi Password Learning

How to Find WiFi Password on macOS?

To find out the WiFi internet password on Apple's macOS Launchpad > More > Keychain Access (Keychain Access). To access it directly and open Spotlight by pressing Command + Space and Keychain Access Open the app by searching for (Keychain Access).

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To search for the name of the WiFi network Keychain Access You can use the search bar in the (Keychain Access) app. When you see the network you are looking for, double-click on it to find out the WiFi password. To see the password free of * characters, you need to check the Show Password box at the bottom and then enter your Mac's password.

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How to Find WiFi Internet Password on iPhone?

You can see WiFi passwords on Apple devices with the iOS 16 update.

  1. Open Settings > WiFi
  2. Then tap the icon for the current network.
  3. You will be able to see the passcode after selecting the passcode entry and chopping your ID with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode.

How to Learn Internet WiFi Password from Android Phone

While your options for viewing and sharing WiFi passwords differ by make and model, it's easy to view passwords in plain text on Android 10 or higher. However, let us remind you that Samsung has limitations in some cases.

  1. Open your WiFi settings from settings
  2. Select the network you are looking for
  3. Tap the Share button to share the Wi-Fi network.
  4. The WiFi password will be listed just below.
find android wifi password
Android wifi password learning process

The above method is Samsung Does not work on devices. You can tap the gear icon next to your current WiFi network and tap the QR code icon, the link will only be shared via QR code.

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