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Pay Attention to These Tips for Using the Phone on Holidays Abroad!

After a busy business season, everyone is planning a pleasant holiday within their own budget. While some prefer Antalya, Bodrum and İzmir, others use this right in favor of foreign countries. While there is no question mark about the use of the phone for those on holiday in Turkey, this does not apply to abroad. In order to use phones while traveling abroad, various applications must be made or different methods must be tried. Today we will give you detailed advice on this subject. Request Here are some tips and advices about using telephone abroad, prepared with contributions!

international phone use
Overseas phone use

Don't Forget To Open Your Line For Use Abroad!

After planning a holiday abroad, you will inevitably find yourself in a preparation process. In this process, when talking about suitcase preparation, items to be bought, visa procedures, budget planning, the phone details can be forgotten. This detail, which is forgotten in the excitement of the holiday, may result in the arrival of high bills. In order not to face such negative situations, you can try some methods that will only take seconds.

If you plan to continue to use the operator in your country during the holiday abroad, you should apply the technique called "Roaming". The Turkish of this technique corresponds to the active availability of your line abroad. For this, you can get support from your operator's mobile branch, call customer service or activate it yourself. Regardless of your line, when you dial *121# and press the call button, your line will be automatically opened for use abroad. If you get a rejection, you can try *150#. Of course, don't forget to review your operator's tariffs before you open your line for use abroad. The most important thing to note is that you can only open your line abroad while in Turkey. In other words, if you go on holiday without doing this, you may need to buy a new line from the operator of the country you are in.

overseas internet use
Overseas internet use

Check Out Telephone Usage and Internet Usage Fees Abroad!

Using your line connected to your current GSM operator in Turkey abroad, of course, can be slightly higher than the normal fees. The tariff fees, which vary depending on the operators, may also differ from country to country. The point you need to pay attention to here should be to research thoroughly in which country your operator is used or not. For example, one firm may offer use in the Middle East region, while another may not. In this case, your line may be out of service in that region or the invoice amount you paid may be searched as a result.

Using the internet abroad is no different from voice conversation. If the Roaming setting we just mentioned is turned on, you can benefit from services such as 3G, 4G or 4,5G abroad from your phone.

You can also use the operators of the countries you go to!

Touristically developed countries do not neglect to provide convenience to their visitors in many respects. One of these is the telephone lines offered to tourists who come to their country for a short time. For example, when you go to Thailand, you can choose the pre-loaded sim cards of the local operators of that country. These examples can be replicated for different countries. You should compare the average usage costs of these sim cards with the tariffs of the lines you bring from Turkey and for which you have Roaming enabled. Whichever fits your budget, you should make your choice in this direction. If you are one of those who say “The budget is not important to me”, you can use your line in Turkey in these countries and continue your holiday without any communication problems.

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