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The Easiest IMEI Inquiry Method

We are here with our article on the easiest IMEI query method. In this article, of course, we will talk about what the phone's IMEI number is and how to find out, but the IMEI number now occupies much more space in our daily lives. Especially in our country, some phone models are very high priced and IMEI issue is very sensitive for those who bring phones from abroad. Let's start by answering questions such as what is IMEI and what it means, how many IMEIs are in a phone.

How many digits is the IMEI number? IMEI consists of 15 different numbers and is unique. Every mobile phone has at least one IMEI number and it depends on the number of SIMs it supports. A dual SIM phone naturally has two IMEI numbers. It is possible to learn the IMEI number by dialing *#06# on all mobile phones. You can easily query by learning the IMEI number. Of course, sometimes IMEI numbers can be difficult to learn. Learning the SIM1 IMEI number and learning the SIM2 IMEI number can be done from the device menus on a dual SIM phone.

With the increase in the use of eSIM in frequently used phones, the question of how to understand the IMEI number on the iPhone has begun to be heard a lot. Especially no chance to distinguish physical SIM and eSIM IMEI numbers by looking at the box. *#06# is also not enough for this.

E-Government IMEI Inquiry

Especially those who bring phones from abroad use the E-Government IMEI inquiry service quite a lot. You can access this service provided by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority via the link below.

IMEI query link

In the IMEI query section, you may see the following options:

IMEI registered via import: What is the IMEI registered via import, what does it mean, actually the answer to this question is simple. This answer should be obtained after the IMEI query on every phone officially brought to Turkey. If you see a different screen on a device that is officially sold to you, you will have to claim your rights in various ways.

NO RECORDS FOUND: The device has no IMEI record. It may have come illegally from abroad. A line to be inserted into the SIM card will be able to work for a maximum of 120 days, and then the line feature of the device will be turned off unless registration is made. Devices that are not available for use are also displayed in this way in the query.

IMEI NUMBER REGISTERED | Device registered with the passenger: This screen was displayed for devices with registered IMEI until a period of time. For a while, devices have to be used with the line of people who have registered their IMEI number. In other words, this screen that comes as a result of the query is valid for old phones today.

It has been detected that this IMEI number has been copied to other devices.: If you are encountering this screen and you are the real owner of the IMEI, you should contact the importer and apply. Your device can be closed for use and identification is required if your device does not work with another line other than the line specified. In other words, the answer to the question of can I use devices with copied IMEI numbers is yes if you are the owner.

The Easiest IMEI Inquiry Method
E-Government is the easiest IMEI query method

IMEI NUMBER REGISTERED (Until 01/01/202x *********** is restricted to use with lines registered in the name of the person with TR ID number | Device registered with the passenger: With the new laws, the time for individuals to register their IMEI is limited to three calendar years. Today, when an E-Government IMEI query is made for a foreign device whose IMEI number is newly registered, it will see a result like this. This device can only be used by the person with this TR ID number until the specified date.

The easiest IMEI query method is via E-Government. Different websites can take IMEI information from you and use it for malicious purposes. Do not enter your IMEI information on any site without seeing ​​in your browser's address bar.

Learning eSIM and Physical SIM IMEI

As we mentioned before, which IMEI numbers the physical SIM and eSIM have and how to find out is a bit complicated. If you are buying a dual electronic SIM device from the USA or a dual physical SIM device from China, this information is of course unnecessary, but if you have an eSIM and a physical SIM phone, you may have trouble filling the E-Government IMEI registration screen.

The Easiest IMEI Inquiry Method
eSIM (Electronic SIM), Physical SIM IMEI learning and querying

Learning eSIM IMEI number or physical SIM IMEI number is often not possible from the box and it is necessary to open the device and enter the Settings menu. Since it is not possible to fix an error in the IMEI registration process, it is necessary to proceed sensitively. For example, if you are an iPhone user, go to Settings > General > About screen and scroll down to find out your eSIM, IMEI, ICCID numbers easily.

What is E-Government IMEI Matching?

This system, which enables a cloned IMEI number to be used by its real owner, is also a necessary step for people who want to use it by bringing a phone from abroad. You can access this service, which is also a BTK service, via the link below.

Phone IMEI matching link

On this screen, the lines registered in your name and the IMEIs that you have registered in your passport or that you have proven to belong to you through the importer of your phone will be displayed. opposite the IMEI Line Match You can perform the operation by pressing the button. When you do this, after a while, problems such as the line does not work, no network, no line, no signal, etc. will be overcome. You can also start using the cloned phone with the original IMEI number you have. All devices with cloned IMEI will be disabled for line use. This is what we call E-Government IMEI matching.

eSIM – Physical SIM Difference

While coming to the end of our article, let's talk about the difference between eSIM and physical SIM. As you know, we can see many issues such as iPhone without SIM card, phone models without SIM card or phones with eSIM. Here the physical SIM is the SIM card with the chip we know. It became Micro, it became Mini, it became Nano and disappeared. Now, the technology of the future can be identified by eSIM and a QR code or barcode scanned by the phone. eSIM also means Electronic SIM, especially E-Government, and it can be seen frequently in this way. For SIM card identification on phones with eSIM, it is sufficient to read the card given by the operator with the camera and accept the options.

The Easiest IMEI Inquiry Method
You can use your mobile phone for the easiest IMEI query method.

We have included many questions about the easiest IMEI query method and IMEIs. See you in our next article.

eSIM Not Activating – Not Activating Why?

eSIM needs an internet connection to be activated. It is generally thought that the phone will start to draw the line with the scanning of the QR code, but an internet connection is required here. This also needs to be provided over Wi-Fi. Most users who have eSIM activation problems find out later.

Can a Deleted or Removed eSIM be Reactivated?

A verified eSIM that is scanned and transferred to the phone cannot be reactivated if deleted. The only way is to get an eSIM replacement SIM card from your carrier, which is chargeable.

Is eSIM Transfer Between Two Phones Possible?

It is technically possible to transfer eSIM between two phones, but nowadays operators can often prevent the use of this feature for the sale of a new spare SIM.

What is IMEI Customer Service Number?

For all your questions regarding stolen IMEI, copy IMEI, IMEI passport registration and other IMEI, you can call Consumer Contact Center – 120, which serves as IMEI customer service.

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