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What is LiDAR, What Does It Do?

Our topic this time, What is LiDAR, what does it do? In the past days you What is AI We presented our topic. Again, we continue with technology. To explain very briefly, LiDAR is a sensor that has been used in certain top models since the iPhone 12 Pro. In particular, it provides a serious speed in focusing. Of course, the subject that we will discuss this time is where this sensor can be used rather than its task… If you have an iPhone with an extraordinary technology, LiDAR sensor, you can start using the exciting features we will talk about.

Since its launch in 2020, we've seen a growing list of apps that take advantage of the iPhone's LiDAR scanner. Whether you're a game developer, interior designer or tech geek, there are many great ways to use LiDAR on your iPhone. LiDAR actually has a similar pronunciation to RADAR and performs a similar function. Of course, we will cover it comprehensively, we will first start by introducing LiDAR to our article, what is LiDAR, what is it good for…

What is LiDAR?

While LiDAR certainly looks like RADAR, it's something completely different. LiDAR is an abbreviation for "light detection and range determination" in English. Namely, it consists of the initials of Light Dedection And Ranging. In short, LiDAR transmits an invisible laser to your environment and reports to the device. LiDAR sensors use data from the laser to detect information about the shape of objects and their distance from you.

LiDAR is used in many different industries, including aerospace, satellites and autonomous vehicles. However, LiDAR technology has recently entered the smartphone market and has been in our lives since the iPhone 2020 Pro, which was released in 12. Apple keeps LiDAR exclusive to Pro models of iPhones for now. So only iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, and 2020 or newer iPad Pro models have built-in LiDAR sensors. Of course, Lidar is also available in Max models of these phones.

Where is the LiDAR Sensor?

You can find the LiDAR sensor on the back of a Pro iPhone, next to the three camera lenses. Opposite the flash is the dark circle. Due to its location, the sensor only works with the rear-facing camera. iPhone focus problem or blurry photo and video problems can be caused by additional accessories such as a LiDAR sensor or lens protector. iPhone front camera LiDAR sensor is not in use yet, but it can be added in future models.

What is lidar, what does it do?
What does a LiDAR sensor do? It is especially used for distance measurement with close objects.

iPhone Models Supporting LiDAR

iPhone models with LiDAR sensors are as follows for now. We will also update the list for new iPhone models that will be added to the list in 2023.

  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

Effect of LiDAR on Photos

iPhones have always been phones that take great photos. Many people still like to use iPhones for photography because they take high-resolution, detailed and color-accurate photos. However, one issue that smartphones generally have difficulty with is taking photos in low light. The dimensions of the lenses and sensors complicate the work here. To solve this problem, next-generation iPhones can now use LiDAR to detect how far away people or objects are, and then use that data to autofocus more quickly and accurately.

According to Apple's statement, iPhones with LiDAR can focus up to six times faster, even in low light conditions. Faster autofocus on your iPhone's camera means your pictures will have more detail and less blur, even if you don't have the best lighting.

Measure without a ruler with LiDAR

One of the simplest but most valuable ways to use the LiDAR sensor in your iPhone is to take measurements without the need for a ruler. There are some great LiDAR apps for iPhone and iPad, but one of the best is a built-in app called "Measurement" that uses your iPhone's camera to approximate measurements.

What is lidar, what does it do?
What does a LiDAR sensor do? The lidar sensor is used today in robot vacuums, automobiles and smartphones.

A LiDAR-equipped iPhone can detect highly accurate information about how large objects are and how far they are from each other. This allows the iPhone to take much more accurate measurements. So if you're working on a DIY home improvement project or just want to see if the new sofa will actually fit in your door, LiDAR can be a life saver.

Games that Support LiDAR

In 2016, we saw Pokémon Go take the world by storm. The game used AR technology to bring virtual Pokémon into real-world locations. Pokémon Go was many people's first experience with augmented reality, but now with LiDAR, you can take AR gaming to the next level. Games like RC Club powered by LiDAR use your iPhone's LiDAR sensor to scan your surroundings and create an augmented reality playground.

Unlike most AR games, the use of LiDAR allows the game to render an incredibly detailed virtual world that takes terrain, altitude and physics into account. This allows virtual objects to interact with the real world on the screen. We're still in the early days of LiDAR-enabled mobile games, and many of them still seem like tech demos. But we expect to see more AR games that take advantage of LiDAR in the future. We think maybe then what is LiDAR, how does it work? our topic is more curious…

Home Decoration with iPhone

A major home renovation used to take a lot of imagination, planning, and luck. Fortunately, with LiDAR, you can visualize changes and explore ideas right from your iPhone, eliminating most of the guesswork. Notably, apps like IKEA Place use LiDAR to place virtual models of furniture and home decor directly in your home. This way, you can see exactly how the new furniture will look and fit in your home before you commit to a major purchase.

Because LiDAR can accurately calculate size and distance, virtual furniture models will fit inside your home just like the real thing. LiDAR can make decorating (or redecorating) your home easier than ever before. In another topic, we will talk about decoration applications that support LiDAR and we are sure that it will be interesting.

XNUMXD Mobile Modeling

In the last few years, we've seen some of the biggest blockbuster movies and 3D games make use of XNUMXD scanning or photogrammetry. This technology allows developers to scan real-life objects and move them into the virtual world. However, with LiDAR, you can now use the same techniques as professionals in your own projects.

Trying to manually recreate 3D models of real-world objects can be an extremely time-consuming process. But an app like Epic Games' RealityScan lets you instantly create a 3D model using your iPhone's camera and LiDAR sensors. You can then import this model into your projects in Blender or Unreal Engine.

Download XNUMXD modeling app

Using the power of your iPhone's LiDAR to scan detailed 3D models can save you hours of development time and a lot of money. So if you're into game development or 3D modeling, LiDAR can dramatically increase your creativity and workflow.

What is lidar, what does it do?
The answer to the question of what is LiDAR is of course also of interest to game developers.

Sandbox and Map Creation

LiDAR is great for creating 3D models of real-world objects. But did you know that you can also use LiDAR to create entire sandboxes? You can use LiDAR to create virtual copies of real-life locations. You can create a 2D map of your room or even map an entire 3D world; the possibilities are almost endless.

LiDAR can help you bridge the virtual and real worlds. For example, if you are selling or renting out your home, you can use LiDAR to create a 3D model of your home. Then, potential buyers can take a virtual tour before scheduling a real-life visit. Of course, almost no one uses them now, but why not in the future?

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What is LiDAR Sensor Distance?

The LiDAR sensor is a laser-operated technology and can measure up to 100 meters.

Are LiDAR Sensor and ToF the Same?

Many phones like OnePlus Nord, Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra use ToF sensors. Unlike LiDAR, ToF works with infrared, but can be more efficient instead.

LiDAR Sensor Failure and Replacement Possible?

Apart from smartphones, LiDAR sensors can also be encountered in robot vacuums. It is not something that malfunctions, but if it breaks down, of course, it is possible to replace it.

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