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How to Run Windows APKs in the Easiest Way

In our Windows APK run topic, we'll look at how to run Android's app type APK files on our desktop or laptop. Normally, many ways have been explained so far, but various preferred applications could make the computer heavy or cause problems such as sluggish Android applications. Moreover, processes such as importing APK files into the application can extend the time. Wouldn't it be better if we could just double-click Android APK files? We will take a closer look at this issue in our Windows APK run article.

We recommend WSA-QuickInstall as a Windows APK launcher.

How to Download WSA-QuickInstall?

Windows APK Run ways
What needs to be done to run a Windows APK?

WSA-QuickInstall is perhaps the best app you can come across for running Windows APKs. We know you're excited. In order not to keep you waiting any longer, you can download the required file from GitHub.

Windows APK Run Application

How to Install WSA-QuickInstall?

WSA-QuickInstall is pretty easy to install. Download the file and after you unzip the zipped folder, running the Windows APK will now be possible in minutes. You will have two files and a folder on hand. Keep it all together but click install.exe.

Windows APK Run
How to install Windows APK run application?

To make sure WSA-QuickInstall works properly, drag any APK file you have onto install.exe. We would like to remind you that you should only use the Windows APK run application for APK files that you own. You can also follow this way to run some Android applications on the computer.

A command prompt window may appear for a while and then your system will install the Windows APK run application. These processes may vary depending on the speed of your computer, but should not exceed one minute.

What needs to be done to run an APK with a double click, that is, run the APK as an EXE? If you're ready, let's start.

Setting Default Program for APK Files

Windows APK Run
Which app should be installed to run Windows APK?

First, make sure you have an APK file to install. Or download from official sources. Even WhatsApp offers the APK file from its site today or WhatsAppPlus APK You can try different files like file.

If you're ready, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on your APK file and click properties.
  2. In the Properties window, click Change next to the Open as section
  3. Press More apps in the next window
  4. Then scroll down and click Search for another app on this PC
  5. Go to where you extracted the files and click on install.exe

It's that easy. Now when you double-click an APK file, Windows will automatically install it for you without any problems.

Make it Easy to Install APK Files

While the Windows APK run app is an excellent and welcomed feature for Windows 11, many users wish it was a little easier to use. Therefore, there is always a need for such additional applications.

Is Windows APK run app legal?

Windows APK run app is legit. APK files are officially distributed today, but do not harm your computer or anyone else's rights by downloading applications that have been tampered with or whose license features have been compromised.

Can PC get virus from APK?

Especially modified APK files can contain many kinds of advertisements and malicious code. Although they are designed for phones, they can also contain code that can be harmful to your computer.

Windows APK slows down during execution?

APK files, of course, are not the type that will tire your system according to the file. However, it can slow down your computer in games or video editing applications that require serious graphics or processing power.

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